Ueno Seiyoken: The pinnacle of Western Cuisine since the Meiji Period
みよちゃん セインさん、今日は上野公園内にある「上野精養軒」を訪ねます。創業は明治5年(1872)、築地につくったフランス料理店が始まりで、日本の西洋料理界をけん引してきたレストランですよ。
Today we’ll be visiting Ueno Seiyoken in Ueno Park. Established in 1872, it originally opened in Tsukiji as a French cuisine restaurant, and has been a pioneer in Western culinary in Japan for almost 150 years.
セインさん 僕はほとんど毎日、自転車で上野公園を通っていて、このレストランの建物もいつも見ているんだけど、実は中に入るのは初めてなんです。
I ride my bike through Ueno Park almost every day and I always see this building, but this is my first time to actually go inside.
[Photo: Exterior of Ueno Seiyoken]
(酒井) こんにちは、コンシェルジュさん、セインさん。精養軒の酒井です。
Hello. I’m Sakai of Seiyoken.
セインさん こんにちは、酒井さん。セインです。立派なレストランですね。上野公園は緑があって、美術館などの文化施設もいっぱいあって素晴らしいロケーションですね。
Hello. This is quite a fine restaurant. Ueno Park has so much greenery, along with many cultural facilities like art museums, so it’s a wonderful location.
(酒井) 上野公園というのは、歴史的にも面白い場所なんですよ。寛永寺があるのはご存じでしょう?
Ueno Park is an interesting place historically. You know about Kanei-ji temple, don’t you?
In Kyoto, Hieizan Enryaku-ji temple is located at the northeast side of the Imperial Palace in Kyoto, so the Edo Shogunate imitated this by building Kanei-ji in a similar location to Edo Castle. That’s why it’s called Toeizan Kanei-ji. Another thing is that Shinobazu Pond was modeled after Lake Biwa, and since Lake Biwa has Chikubu Island, an island was made in the middle of Shinobazu Pond, and that’s where Benten-do temple was built.

*Kanei-ji temple
*Hieizan Enryaku-ji temple
*Imperial Palace in Kyoto
*Edo Castle
*Lake Biwa
*Chikubu Island

セインさん そうだったんですか! 近くに住んでいるのに全然知りませんでした。
Oh, I see! I live near here, but I had no idea.
(酒井) 幕末には、ここが旧幕府軍と新政府軍の戦いの舞台になって、寛永寺の伽藍の多くが焼け落ちました。そして明治維新で寛永寺の境内地の大部分が官有地になって、公園とすることが決まりました。上野精養軒は、その公園の開設に合わせて、政府のお声がかりで明治9年(1876)にオープンしたんです。
During the final years of the Edo Period when the Shogun government was ending, this place became the stage for a battle between the armies of the last shogunate and the new government, and most of Kanei-ji temple was burned down. Then when much of the Kanei-ji temple grounds became government land during the Meiji Restoration, the area was made into a park. Ueno Seiyoken opened in 1876, following the recommendation of the government with the opening of the park.

*stage for a battle

セインさん 築地の本店と同じように、フランス料理を出す店としてですか?
Like the main restaurant in Tsukiji, did this restaurant also serve French cuisine?
(酒井) はい。西洋の料理を楽しんでいただくとともに、鹿鳴館時代の華やかな社交場になりました。内外の賓客をもてなしたり、各界の名士が集ったり、時には重要な会議も行われたようです。
Yes. Along with enjoying Western cuisine, it became a glamorous place for social interaction along with the Rokumeikan, symbols of Westernization in the Meiji period. It seemed that guests were entertained here both indoors and outdoors. Prominent people from various fields gathered, and important meetings were also sometimes held here.
Because the Seiyoken played such an important role, that’s probably why it was built in the place in Ueno Park with the very best view.


[Photo: Picture of Ueno Park Shinobazu area (Meiji Period)]
[Photo: The Seiyoken prior to World War II.]
[Photo: The banquet hall balcony of the old building (around 1930). Shinobazu Pond can be seen below. The city is in the distance, but there are no tall buildings like there are now.]
セインさん 華やかな歴史があるんですね。
It does have an extravagant history.
(酒井) 大正時代には神殿をつくって、館内で結婚式や披露宴があげられるようにしました。
In the Taisho Period (1912 – 1926), we made a temple so that wedding ceremonies and receptions could be held in the building.
みよちゃん レストランウェディングの先駆けですね!
いま、この本店の中にはフランス料理や本格的な洋食がいただける「グリルフクシマ」と、名物のハヤシライスなど気軽に洋食が楽しめる「カフェラン ランドーレ」がありますね。
A pioneer in restaurant weddings!
In the main building, you can enjoy the French cuisine and other authentic Western food at the restaurant called Grill Fukushima, and casually enjoy Japanese-style Western food such as the famous hayashi rice at Caferant Le Landaulet.
[Photo: Grill Fukushima]
photo2カフェラン ランドーレ
[Photo: Caferant Le Landaulet]
(酒井) この本店以外に上野公園の美術館などに併設されたレストランなども含めて8軒のレストランを運営しています。
Apart from the restaurants in the main building, we also operate eight restaurants, including one in an art museum in Ueno Park.
We have also long been providing catering service for garden parties and the wild duck preserves (Kamoba) sponsored by the Imperial family.
セインさん 鴨場?
Wild duck preserves?
(酒井) 宮内庁が管理されている、鴨などの渡り鳥が越冬のために飛来してくる池が千葉と埼玉にあるんです。皇室の方々が、各国の大使など内外の賓客をそこにお招きして、鴨を無傷で捕獲する江戸時代から伝わる鴨猟を楽しんでいただいて、そのあとお食事をご一緒されます。
There are ponds that the Imperial Household Agency manages in Chiba and Saitama. Ducks and other migratory birds spend the winter there, and the Imperial family invites distinguished guests there from inside and outside the country, including ambassadors of different countries. The guests can enjoy a style of duck hunting that was passed on from the Edo Period where the ducks are caught without harming them, after then they have a meal together.
セインさん 園遊会や鴨場でのお料理も提供されているなんて。やっぱり、ここは特別なレストランなんですね。
So you provide food services for garden parties and at the duck preserves. Just as expected, this is indeed a special restaurant.
By the way, what generation are you as the owner?
(酒井) 私で13代目です。ただ、当店は東都のれん会のほかのお店と違って血族で受け継いできたわけではなく、途中で経営者が変わっているんです。また、現在はジャスダックの上場企業でもありますから、歴史や伝統も会社として次へ受け渡していく、ということかと思います。
I’m the 13th generation owner. However, unlike other shops in the Toto Norenkai, ours isn’t inherited through blood relations, and the owners have changed along the way. Also, since we are a JASDAQ listed company, our history and tradition will likely be passed down as a company to future generations.
セインさん なるほど。でも、昔からずっと受け継いでこられた伝統のソースのようなものはありませんか? 鰻屋さんが、先祖伝来、継ぎ足しながら使ってきた秘伝のたれを大切にしておられるように…。
Oh, I see. Were there some things, like the sauces you serve, that were passed down from the early generations? I know that shops that serve grilled eel have kept the same kettle of sauce for generations.
(酒井) 残念ながら、西洋料理のベースとなるブイヨンやソースは毎回、新しく作るものなので、継ぎ足しはないんです。
Unfortunately, bouillon and sauce, which is the basis of Western food, are newly made each time, so there is nothing to pass down. 
However, we are careful to maintain the flavors and tastes of the Ueno Seiyoken from one generation to the next. For example, our demi-glace sauce is quite thick. I think those kinds of unique tastes in our restaurant have been both carefully handed down and also gradually improved.
みよちゃん 社訓として大事にされている言葉はありますか?
Do you have any kind of company motto that you regard?
(酒井) 「より良き内容、より良きサービス」というのが社訓です。
Our motto is “Better content, better service.”
セインさん それも上野精養軒が守り伝えてこられたもの、ですね。
So this is what Ueno Seiyoken has maintained over the generations?
What do you think is the secret to the long-term success of the restaurant?
(酒井) 目いっぱいではなく、八分目で仕事をすることでしょうか。
Maybe it’s about working at a moderate pace and not so hard that we lose our composure.
セインさん 自分がいっぱいいっぱいでは、次につなげない。余裕が必要ということですね。うーん、勉強になります。
If your hands are full with too many things, you can’t move on to the next thing. Having some leeway is necessary, it seems. That’s very helpful to know.
みよちゃん 社長という仕事を続けてこられて、酒井さんの一番の喜びは、どういうところにありますか?
What has been the most pleasant thing for you over the years working as the president?
(酒井) この店で働いている子が、それなりに成長をしている姿を見たときでしょうか。
Perhaps it’s when I see a younger member of the staff working and growing in their own way.
セインさんみよちゃん (拍手)嬉しいなあ。このあとのランチがいよいよおいしく感じられそうです。
(Applauding) I’m happy to hear. When the staff is valued like that, I’m sure the lunch will be delicious.
Thank you for today.
[Photo: French dishes at Grill Fukushima. Double consommé soup made with time and effort has an excellent flavor.]
[Photo: Commemorative photo]
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