Address :1-10-7 Nihonbashi muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Phone :03 3279 2361

 Toward the end of the Edo Period there was a huge fish market in Nihonbashi, and inside the fish market was a tiny café called “Higuchiya”. The café enjoyed a good reputation and was always crowded with workers from the fish market. These people were a busy bunch with little time to eat, and often they would have to return to work before they could finish their meal, so the owner of the café began wrapping up what was left so they could take it with them. The idea caught on, and soon people would come asking him to wrap up the whole meal for take out. This led the third generation owner to quit the café business altogether and establish Japan’s first take out boxed lunch shop, which he named Benmatsu.
For nearly 160 years now we have continued to sell boxed lunches prepared with our traditional soy sauce flavor. Try one of our box lunches and experience for yourself the taste of old Edo.

Box lunch 840 yen~