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 Start bean paste brewing in at the time of the Fukagawa Eitai Bridge.
Predecessor in the family line of Mr. Takeguchi Sakubei Katsuyoshi who advanced to Edo from Ise Chikuma Gou(the present Mie Pref. Matsusaka City Chuuma Town) be in 1688 the Genroku first year and that as the Chikuma home made bean paste store and make a brewing place, is the beginning of Chikuma bean paste.
You are supporting it to all of you of many gourmets as the bean paste of Edo even in today when crosses in 317 thereafter and changed in Tokyo from Edo.
Even if it becomes the era in Heisei in recent years, the tradition and latest technology that were fostered in over 300 years and I am having made up excellent numerous products, by the raw materials that have the adherence that was carefully selected.
Please try the bean paste that has the adherence that is assorting widely to the general product for the home centering around the product for the business now and drift the flavor of Edo by all means.

Ju-rokudai heden zukuri 1,300 yen/1kg (It enters a vinyl bag)
Ganso•kobu-dashi miso 780 yen/1kg (It enters a plastic production cup)
Oh-edo ama miso 620 yen/500g (It enters a plastic production cup)
In addition greatly

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