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Chikusen opened for business in 1842 as a dealer in two very different types of dyed kimonos: Edo Komon and Yukata.
Edo Komon is a more formal kimono, appropriate for wearing to a party or perhaps a tea ceremony. The material itself is silk, to which paste is applied by means of a tough paper stencil, block by block, until the entire area is covered. Dying is done in a single, somewhat subdued color. Some of the popular patterns handed down from the latter part of the Edo Period include morning glories, disk patterns, rain, foxes, bamboo, waves and cherry and plum blossoms. But the unique feature of Komon designs is that they are executed in very fine dots smaller than a pin head, and their intricateness and the skill involved in creating them becomes apparent only on close inspection.
The Yukata on the other hand is a light-weight, leisure-wear kimono made of cotton or linen, and a must for summer evening festivals or fireworks displays. The dyed patterns are generally bold and striking, and either single or multi colored. The designs we employ have been handed down from Edo times, but still remain fresh and exciting today.

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