Address :1-2-5 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Phone :(Toll-Free)0120 284806

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Eitaro Confectionery was established in 1857 at the very end of the Edo Period in the Nihonbashi District of Tokyo. At that time Nihonbashi was pretty much the political and economic center of Japan, a busy, bustling place, and the site of a large fish market. The original Eitaro Confectionery was a portable concession that made and sold a Japanese-style sweet called “Kintsuba” inside the fish market.
During our 150 year history we have introduced to the world many delightful new products, and are today generally recognized as a top maker of Japanese style confectionery. Some of our better known products include our original Kintsuba, Eitaro stick candy, Natto sweet beans and a selection of Japanese sweets that varies with the seasons.
We are sure you will enjoy our products, which have no equal in all of Japan, and are quite unlike anything you have tried before. Our store also has a tea room where you can enjoy a sweet or two with a nice cup of green tea.

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