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asdonOur shop was established in 1830, and is the only restaurant in Tokyo specializing in dishes prepared from “anko” or angler fish.
The angler fish is a prized fish that comes from the ocean depths. Its appearance is not the most beautiful sight in the world, but its flavor is heavenly, and all parts of it can be eaten except the bones. The liver in particular enjoys a reputation as the foie gras of the East.
Our most famous attraction is “anko nabe”, in which carefully prepared bits of angler fish and various vegetables that go well with it are boiled in a flavorful soup stock right at the table, and then dipped in a delicious Edo style sauce. Our sauce is prepared only by the owner himself according to a secret recipe handed down from generation to generation. In addition to anko nabe, we also feature angler fish liver sashimi, and angler fish deep-fried or teriyaki style.
Our main building was built in 1930 and has been designated as a Tokyo Historic Building, with a traditionally designed interior to be savored every bit as much as the meal.
As a reminder, the season for angler fish is Octorber through the end of June. The rest of the time we serve eel, “dojo” or Japanese loach, and a variety of other marvelous dishes.