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 Our founder Yasube Kimura started Japan’s first bakery in 1869, just after Japan was opened to the West. At that time, bread in a sense symbolized Western culture, and Yasube continued experimenting to develop breads that were acceptable to the Japanese palate.
In 1874 he introduced an “anpan” (a thin bread-like wrapping around a sweet bean paste) made with the rice-cultured yeast used in the fermentation of sake—a yeast strain that practiced workers maintain to this very day. Using ordinary baker’s yeast strains bread takes about four hours to make, but with the sake yeast it takes more that ten days. The type of water used is very important in this process, and extreme care must be used in selecting the proper hard or soft water.
Bread has always been our sole concern, and today, as everyday, we are striving to offer our customers ever finer, quality products.