Address :2-5-2 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Phone :03 3271 3361

 Yamamotoyama traces its beginning back to 1690 when our founder, Kahei Yamamoto, a tea merchant in Kyoto, moved to the Nihonbashi district in central Edo (now Tokyo), an area that was starting to flourish as more and more merchants set up shop.
In 1835 the sixth Kahei Yamamoto began producing a high-quality green tea called “Gyokuro”, made from only the very youngest new tea leaves grown on his own plantation. In 1947 Yamamotoyama introduced its line of nori seaweed products.
Traditionally green tea and nori seaweed are two indispensable items on the dinner table of any Japanese household. We want to introduce these truly Japanese flavors and aromas to the rest of the world. Our philosophy, as our founder himself intended it, is simply “Good tea can truly be this delicious, so, please, we’d like everyone to try some.”

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