Address :1-9-14 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo Phone :03 3863 4419

 Yoshitoku was established in 1711, over 300 years, ago.
We have continued operation from generation to generation in the same location, and are generally considered to be the oldest doll merchant in Tokyo.
Our present owner, Tokubei Yamada, represents the 12th generation.
The name Yoshitoku is a combination of the first characters of our founder’s family and given names: Yoshinoya Tokubei.
Under the brand name “Yoshitoku Taikou Dolls” we continually strive to preserve the craftsmanship and improve the quality of highly acclaimed traditional Japanese dolls, and at the same time endeavor to design and develop products with a new feel that will add flavor and charm to modern life.
The products in which we at Yoshitoku take particular pride are our traditional Japanese dolls and dolls for the Girls’ and Boys’ Festivals that are celebrated every spring.
These dolls have received numerous awards at exhibitions here in Japan as well as abroad.

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